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Navigating data with precision and integrity

Ethical, detail-driven and transparent

Navigating data with precision and integrity

X Media Insights represents cutting-edge, global analytics encompassing all media platforms, serving a range of applications, all driven by the ultimate goal of transforming information into strategic intelligence.
Since 2011, our pioneering solutions have empowered clients in sectors ranging from Sports Sponsorship to Politics and beyond, blending state-of-the-art technology with exceptional customer service.

Our mission

From the chaos of our information age, we extract relevant, potent data enabling our clients to act with clarity.

Our corporate values

Empathy and client focus

We promote compassion and understanding. We put out clients first, listening to their challenges and aspirations to deliver analytics solutions that align with their goals.

Transparency and integrity

We are committed to transparency and integrity, providing clear and precise assessments of our analytics, methodologies, and results.

Agility and flexibility

We embrace change and stay agile in dynamic media landscapes. We tailor our analytics solutions to the unique needs of our clients and adjust our strategies accordingly.

Empowerment through

We promote a collaborative environment where team members share insights, learnings, and expertise to empower each other and our clients with the most valuable information.

Data-Driven humans

Our analytical processes are driven by knowledgable and experienced human beings, ensuring our clients receive well-informed and strategic guidance.

Innovation first

We are fostering a culture of constant innovation and strive for new methodologies, technologies, and approaches to deliver exceptional solutions to our clients.


Susanne C. Moeckel

Founder and CEO

Susanne has been in the Sports Media Industry for over 20 years and knows media monitoring and analysis by heart. She is a passionate innovator and entrepreneur and has built the world’s leading cross-media analytics platform. Her inventive nature and ability to think outside the box makes her a successful leader and manager for X Media Insights.

Axel Danner

Director Media and Market Research

Axel combines his in-depth knowledge of market research and analysis with an extensive background in media monitoring. His dedication to delivering thorough analysis, combined with his comprehensive project expertise, ensures success in every client assignment.

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