Empowering insights and strategic decisions

Unveiling trends, influences, and sentiments

Our cross-media insights provide a clear perspective on the coverage of program communications and personal news, highlighting perceptions, political trends, and interests around individuals. By comprehensively assessing sentiments across various media sources, we enable parties to gauge public perception, identify trends, and understand dynamics. These insights aid in refining campaign strategies by addressing concerns and capitalizing on strengths. A holistic view of sentiments can guide strategic decisions and ultimately enhance communication and perception.



The reach of online editorial is 50x higher than in print media.


51% of all site visits on social media come from the USA.


One Online editorial post has 10x more views than one print media post.


Global reporting takes place in 18x more countries on social media than in print media.


There are 4x more articles in online than in print media.


Rapid digitalization is giving rise to online fundraising programs for public and social campaigns, leading to a heightened interest in proof of appropriate spending mechanisms.

  • One of the biggest challenges in evaluation of initiatives and campaigns is the lack of standardized KPI’s and monitoring guidelines.

    Source: Research and Markets, 2023

  • Generative AI is likely to have the biggest impact on knowledge work, particularly activities involving decision making and collaboration, which previously had the lowest potential for automation.

    Source: The economic potential of generative AI, McKinsey & Company 2023

Target the correct audience and events

Global cross-media analysis can be instrumental in understanding how global events are covered and perceived in different regions, enabling event-makers to tailor their messaging.

Create proactive messaging & communication

Address emerging issues and communicate them through the appropriate channels.

Identify leaders in the headlines

Get a thorough perspective of all relevant news and commentaries for an individual or on a specific topic – globally or regionally, covering any language and channel.

Understand media coverage and topic relevance

By monitoring all relevant media channels, social media and TV stations around the world and evaluating text, images and video you are able understand what is talked about.

Develop clear strategies

We assess the impact of policies, or campaigns by tracking media coverage before and after specific events, helping to evaluate their effectiveness for future policy developments.

Stay informed on trends

By detecting emerging trends and patterns across various media sources, we can help identify topics gaining prominence in the public discourse.


TV broadcast and streaming monitoring

Covering over 12,000 TV channels worldwide.

Print and online media monitoring

Over 230,000 print and online media sources are analyzed to collect relevant data.

Sponsorship ROI calculation

Clear and understandable calculations of sponsorship ROI.

Competitive analysis

Compare your media presence and visibility to your competitors using our tools.

Audience analysis

Assess the effectiveness of audience targeting.

Social listening

Collect discourse on social media to shape consumer choices.

Sentiment analysis

Predict emerging trends to drive maximum media coverage.

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